John of Rolleston Primary School

Vision & Mission

Our Mission

To develop the whole child through the provision of an outstanding education, delivered by inspiring people, working together in a vibrant and stimulating environment.

Our Vision

On leaving John of Rolleston, our children will be lifelong learners, equipped to achieve their full potential. They will aspire to excel, enjoy challenge, have respect for themselves and empathy for others.

All at John of Rolleston Primary School ASPIRE to give your child the best possible education, along with providing a safe environment in which children can learn. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility, so if you have a concern about a child please contact the Headteacher or if out of school hours, report this on-line.

We have an inclusion ethos, as seen in our Accessibility Plan and promote the fundamental British values as shown in our British Value Statement. As an Academy, we share best practice with our colleagues in the Multi-Academy Trust, the Central Co-operative Learning Trust (CCLT) (Burton Fields School, Grange School, Outwoods Primary School, Redbrook Hayes Community Primary School and William Shrewsbury Primary School). We also work closely with our partners within the CCLT, as well as having links with the National Forest Teaching School.