John of Rolleston Primary School

School Lunches

School Lunch Menu

You will need to pre-order your child's lunch via ParentPay. Please contact the school office if you require a login.  Thank you for your help.

Current menus

Week 1: 25 April, 16 May, 13 June, 4 July

Week 2: 2 May, 23 May, 20 June, 11 July

Week 3: 9 May, 6 June, 27 June, 18 July

Special Theme Day

There are a number of days throughout the year, when meals are themed according to the time of year, eg Halloween or Shrove Tuesday.


About our School Lunches

Our school meals are provided by a catering company called Mellors Catering.  Please take a look at Mellors Catering to find out more about the company.

There is usually a three weekly lunch menu each term which follows the Food Plan guidance.  

As we are a 'cashless' school, lunches are paid through an electronic system called ParentPay.  Parents are issued with login details to access the website.  Once on ParentPay, services can be paid for, such as school lunches, view the school lunch menu and even see what your child has eaten for their lunch.  The price of a child's school meal is £2.40 and £2.90 for a parent lunch, when your child's class has their parent lunch day.

Free School Meals

All Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 pupils receive free Universal Infrant Free School Meal, which is provided via a government grant.  Please note, this is different to claiming Free School Meals (FSM) due to your financial circumstances.  Even if your child is on the Sherborne Site and you are entitled to claim, we urge you to apply for Free School Meals, as the school receives additional funding.

To claim Free School Meals please complete the online form or contact the office if you need assistance.


We encourage healthy eating.  EYFS and KS1 children are provided with fruit and KS2 children may bring in healthy snacks, but not nut based products.