John of Rolleston Primary School

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

The overviews gives details about what will be taught during each term for the academic year 2019/20:


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Greece Lightning

Ring of Fire

Raid and Trade (Vikings)



Construct a circuit. Identify components and appliances. Investigate how varying components can affect the devices


Understand how light travels. Plan experiments and test hypotheses.


Classification—Group according to characteristics.


Create contrasting interpretations, enquiry, evidence use

Adaptation and Evolution

Living things and their habitats: Changing environments.

The Human Body

Animals including humans: circulatory system and transportation within animals


Recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way our bodies function

Plan and test hypotheses


Ancient Greeks

Study of culture lifestyle and domestic lives of Ancient Greeks


Ancient Greeks

Study of achievements of the earliest civilisations and their influence on the modern world




Viking invasion of Britain

Anglo Saxons and the struggle for the kingdom of England. Timeline work

Locating evidence from primary and secondary sources.

Turning points in British history

Chronological understanding of events leading up to the death of Edward the Confessor in 1066.




Physical Geography

Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes in the Pacific Ring of Fire

Map-work skills with a world-wide focus


Locational Knowledge

Environmental study of different habitats and physical characteristics

Tectonic Activity, fold mountains 

Viking Invasion

Map work skills to record the changing face of Europe

Study Viking place names and regions of the UK

Local study

Athlestan project: local historical and geographical study and fieldwork


Acts of Worship

Investigate ceremonies associated with joining or belonging to a faith community and talk about the meaning of commitment

Religious Stories

Reflect imaginatively on the meaning of stories drawn from religious sources and explore the significance of key words, phrases or expressions

Impact of Traditions

Find out about the activities of a local religious community and make links with key religious teachings

Religious Traditions

Make links between beliefs and action and show how this might have local, national and international impact

Sacred Books

Raise questions about issues which cause people to wonder and investigate some answers to be found in religious writings and teachings

Relationships and Religion

Investigate stories about God’s relationship with people and suggest how, for some people, this helps them to make sense of life


Use sketchbooks to review and revisit ideas

Clay Greek

Masks (Theatre)

Use of collage and media to create specific effects

Study of a famous artist—Ansel Adams



Colour mixing

Primary , secondary, tertiary colours. Tone and shade

Study of a famous artist—Hokusai

Learn about great artists, architects and designers.


Viking tapestry CC links with  History



Using the internet to search safely

Website design and evaluation project

Internet and E:resources to gather research on Greece. Use of key words

Cyberbullying  (SEAL links)


Business Plan—Tour guide company around the Ring of Fire. Excel and Powerpoint

Internet and E:resources to gather research  Use of key words

Use of keynote for presentations


Garage Band  CC Music

Digital Citizenship




Tall Tower Marble challenge

Lighthouse of Alexandria

Exploring how building structures can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable

Structure and Mechanisms

Electrical control

 Develop products fit for purpose


Manipulation of tools

Sewing of textiles

Healthy eating

Health and Hygiene


 Exploring rhythm and pulse

Comparing culturally significant music. Listen with attention to detail

Expressing mood and dynamics

Using voice and instruments

Exploring lyrics and melody

Begin to develop understanding of history


Protest Songs

Using voice and instruments

Appreciate music

Understanding of history

Performing together

 Using voice and instruments with increasing accuracy

Timbre and Pitch

Performing together

 Using voice and instruments


Greetings and Phonics

Listen and engage

Develop appropriate pronunciation

Commands and Phonics

 Develop appropriate pronunciation

Bon Anniversaire


Quelle heure est il?

Show understanding of words and phrases


Chez moi

Les vetements



Ask and answer questions

Broaden vocabulary

Traditional songs

Appreciate songs, stories, rhymes

Speak in sentences using familiar vocabulary


Dance – Grease Lightning and We Go Together . short group and whole class sequences with a range of movement patterns. Appraise and perform

Tennis Hand eye co-ordination

Gymnastics. Stretch, curl, transitions using floor sequences

Dodgeball. Passing and team skills. Collaborate and compete with each other, developing rules and amending, appraising


Apparatus using balances, weight on hands, sequences, partners. Develop control and balance


Play competitive games

Circuit Training

Personal performance



Striking and fielding



Athletics - Track and field skills


Football - Invasion skills