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Parents' Focus Group

The Parents' Focus Group meets every half term to discuss school related matters and aims to represent the views of all parents, carers and guardians. 

It facilitates regular communication between parents, staff and governors.  The Parents' Focus Group will work to provide feedback on provision, offer a parents' perspective on current policy and practice and input into decision making and planning for future provision.

Should parents have an issue relating to an individual child rather than a whole school issue, then we recommend that this is raised with the appropriate class teacher.

If you would like to volunteer in school, then please fill in a volunteer request form and e-mail it into the office.

For further information about the Parents' Focus Group, please take a look at the Parents' Focus Group - Terms of Reference within the Policies and Documents section.


Agendas & Minutes of Meetings

AGENDA - 21-11-17


AGENDA - 30-01-18


Meeting Dates

21 November 2017, 6pm on Alderbrook Site

30 January 2018, 9am on Sherborne Site

20 March 2018, 6pm on Alderbrook Site


Membership for Academic Year 2017/18


Samantha Blakeman
Children in Year(s):
Year 2
Catharine Brown
Children in Year(s):
Year 2
Ruth Hollick
Children in Year(s):
Year 6
Emma Homecroft
Children in Year(s):
Year 1
Tracie Howells
Children in Year(s):
Years 3 & 6
Rachael Ives
Children in Year(s):
Years 2 & 3
Fiona Peck
Children in Year(s):
Years 4 & 6
Paula Taylor
Children in Year(s):
Year 2