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Our Governors

Russell Copley - Chair of Governors

Andrew Bailey - Deputy Chair

The school has a strong and committed Governing Body which meets throughout the year at Local Governing Board meetings.  The meeting dates for this academic year are detailed below:

18 September​ 2018, 7 November 2018, 22 January 2019, 12 March 2019, 14 May 2019 and 11 June 2019.

Attendance of our Governors for the last academic year are published here.

Our Local Governing Board:

The Local Governing Board is between 7 and 12 members, which includes the Headteacher, a staff representative, parents and co-opted members.  Below are the governors who are on our Local Governing Board or who have served since converting to an Academy (to be published, as per the Department of Education (DfE) guidelines).   

Andrew Bailey
Deputy Chair of Governors. Co-opted Governor. Responsibilities: Head's Performance Management, Finance - Pupil Premium, PE & Sports Funding. Class Link - Year 2.
Term Ends: 22/09/20
Clive Baker
Co-opted Governor. Responsibilities: Head's Performance Management, Premises, Health & Safety. Class Link - Year 3.
Term Ends: 24/06/19
Jeanette Cook-Abbott
Co-opted Governor. Responsibilities: Head's Performance Management, Safeguarding. Class Link - Year 6.
Term Ends: 24/06/19
Russell Copley
Chair of Governors. Parent Governor. Responsibilities: SEND. Class Link - Year 5.
Term Ends: 26/11/19
John Phillips
Co-opted Governor. Responsibility: Class Link - EYFS. Pecuniary Interest - Family member employed by Staffordshire Music Service.
Term Ends: 24/06/19
Simon Turner
Parent Governor. Responsibilities: Online Safety, GDPR. Class link - Year 1.
Term Ends: 02/02/22
Mark Ashton-Blanksby
Parent Governor. Responsibilities: Standards/Tracking, GDPR. Class link - Year 4.
Term Ends: 02/02/22
Sheina Woodcock
Staff Governor.
Term Ends: 24/06/19
Richard Simcox
Term Ends: Upon resignation